Safety glass experts international

Safety Glass Experts (SGE) is a Finnish privately owned expert services company that acts globally. To be precise, 99.9% of our operations take place on foreign soil – right where you need us.

We offer a range of expert services; Training, Expert Advisory / Problem Solving, Audits and Mold Tooling to the following client segments:

  • glass processors
  • glass processing equipment manufacturers
  • car or vehicle component, such as Skylites or Panorama roofs, manufacturers

In addition to the objective and neutral immaterial services, we manufacture advanced gravity bending molds, and a selection of Quality Tools, such as

  • checking fixtures with PC interface for each measuring gauge
  • windshield sag/CC measurement with user interface providing SPC data
  • Cpk and other performance values related to critical furnace and windshield model manufacturing

Our Quality Tools and other measurement devices are developed to answer the industry requirements, also in order to serve the conservative industry in its journey to this century.

We are focused on developing and designing advanced solutions that are beyond commercial markets.


Alternative to Trial and Error Experiments

Performance Accelaration with Training